Turkish scholars break new ground in Hadith study

by - 27th January 2017

Behind the Turkish Hadith project: Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Behind the Turkish Hadith project: Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan

DR PETER Riddell lauds one valuable step on a long journey towards a genuinely critical examination of taboo subjects in Islam.

ANALYSIS Could do better: Ofsted is struggling in its attempts to crack down on illegal Islamic schools

by - 23rd November 2016

DR IRFAN AL-ALAWI surveys the state of play between Britain’s unruly Muslim schools that are changing the culture of gender relations, and the courts.

ANALYSIS The Islamization of the Labour Party Part 2

by - 18th November 2016

IN PART TWO of DR PAUL STOTT’s analysis, he looks at the links between the left, academia, the state, and Islamist violence that are proving disastrous to Labour’s electoral appeal.

ANALYSIS Splits between Muslim groups and government threaten Prevent

by - 16th November 2016

THE latest report by the Muslim Council of Britain suggests that the British policy of religious communalism does not work.

ANALYSIS The Islamization of the British Labour Party

by - 11th November 2016

‘WITH the Islamists sometimes; with the state never.’ With this rallying cry the hard left destroyed Labour’s traditional vote, argues the School of Oriental and African Studies’ terrorism expert DR PAUL STOTT, in the first of two articles.